Geniia (pronounced Zhen'ya) is a world-class belly dancer and choreographer.

She has been studying dance from an early age starting in her home land of Ukraine. Geniia’s passion for belly dance has led her to open her own dance school in Kiev, Ukraine. Since 2008, the school has taught aspiring belly dancers of all ages!

Geniia has also started her own dance ensemble ”Rahat Lokum” and has performed numerous events and festivals around the world including South Korea, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia.

She has learned and adapted new styles of dance and circus skills to create her own unique style of belly dancing. 

She has studied with internationally renowned dancers from Russia: Elena Ramazanova, Olgar Noor; Ukraine: Dar’ya Mickevich, Hanna Amira; Israel: Orit Maftsir; Cairo: Leila Farid; USA: Jehan Kamal, Matthew Elliot, Jillina Superstar.

Geniia’s enthusiasm is only matched by her energetic and sensual dance displays. In addition to contemporary styles of belly dance seamlessly integrating acrobatic skills and magic costume quick changes, Geniia also specializes in traditional Middle Eastern dances and utilizes props such as Veils, Fans, Wings of Isis, Finger Cymbals, Assaya cane and Candelabra in her performances. She always dances in wonderful colorful handmade costumes from Atelier Pokrovskaya.

Geniia is happy to meet your belly dance needs at:
Birthday Parties
Wedding Parties
New Year'e Eve Celebrations

Middle Eastern Themed Parties
Grand Openings and Festivals
Corporate Events